My APPrentic Idea !



As part of my Digital Marketing module our class was encouraged by our lecturer Colette Murphy to enter into a competition taking part in CIT called the APPrentice! For the competition, we had to create an APP idea! The winner of the competition would win an ipad which was reason enough for myself and my partner Megan Mcnulty to get our creative juices flowing !!


After travelling to many countries with Megan on our Erasmus last year and seeing lots of beautiful landmarks but didn’t know any facts or history behind them , we came up with our APP idea ‘Snap the Past’ ! We came to the conclusion that many tourists like us that visit famous landmarks don’t actually know the history or facts behind the beautiful sight! Snap the Past would be a free reliable App that would provide them with the information they want within seconds.The idea behind our APP idea was simple! Download ‘Snap the Past’ and take a picture of the landmark in front of you (for example The Eifel Tower) and Voila history, information and fun facts would pop up on your phone screen! If only ‘Snap the Past’ was available on our travels, we would have certainly saved  money on boring bus tours where we weren’t actually paying attention to our tour guide! Information would be available for major landmarks in European cities and across the world on our App.


Heres a picture of us outside the gorgeous SchonnBrunn Palace in Vienna on our travels! (Pity we knew nothing about the history behind this beautiful landmark at the time )


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