The Future of Social Media Marketing is Mobile

International Media Marketers say Mobile Marketing can be defined as distribution of any kind of promotional or advertising messages to customers through wireless networks. Through the use of mobile marketing there has been a major change in the way marketers reach their target markets. People are spending more of their daily time on social media apps such as  Facebook, Pinterest,Twitter and Tumblr through mobile devices. Mobile devices have in fact become customers’ first screen.

Because of this companies have to market with these changes in technology through social media sites. Marketers have realised it is a customer’s mobile phone that is constantly at arm’s reach of them. Even when watching television or socialising, people are still on their phones, browsing through the internet ,chatting to friends on social media or even just scrolling through their social media apps. For marketers, the way forward is Social Media marketing, They can promote and advertise literally in the hands of the consumer through Social Media.

The Search Engine Journal states with 91% of the U.S population having a mobile device, it is no doubt the most significant source of information for both consumers and businesses. The shift in mobile marketing has made a marketers job more effective as they can literally identify their target markets through the use of social media. They can see who is viewing their social media sites, how old they are and even what gender.

Below is an image of the importance social media has on marketers and businesses.

Marketers need to be aware that they need to grow with social media mobile marketing. Gone are the days where television and radio advertising are enough to reach the consumer! Social and mobile are now driving forces in the ‘path to purchase’ says

In my opinion, personalisation media and location based marketing is a weapon for businesses in social media marketing in the future.


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