Top 5 Tips for creating great Facebook Content


This week I will be talking about Mark Zuckerburgs online social networking site, that is Facebook and my top 5 tips for creating great content.

Why do businesses use Facebook? It is in fact one of the best online marketing tools for any business according to the Marketing Crowd  but in order for it to be successful, the key is to build valuable relationships with Facebook users. What will make one business stand out from the other on this massive social media platform? Creativity, Interactivity and Engagement are three things businesses should use. Overall businesses should create a presence on Facebook by creating content people want to actually read !

Here are my tips for creating great Facebook content :

1. Use engaging copy , images and videos.

According to ClockWork Marketing,  Using these will grab the attention of Facebook users as they will stand out in their news feed.An engaging photo for example of a customer using a product or enjoying services is engaging , reputable and interesting to a fellow viewer. Short and sweet content is the way to go with these statuses.

2. Create a two way conversation.

According to Impact Bnd, Asking your facebook audience to share their thoughts and views on your business products/services. This is a handy way to get feedback, listening to your customers and improving your business. Interacting with the customer and posting content relevant to their feedback can gain customer loyalty.

3.Be timely

Timing is the key to success in any circumstance and is no different when creating great facebook content. Top of mind subjects relating to current events etc, will engage your audience. Same applies for replying to statuses. The faster the reply, the more likely your audience will have an interest and engage with you in the future.

4. Target your posts.

Firstly, knowing your target audience is key. Who is your content targeted at ? It is essential you know your product and what you want to achieve well before posting content.You can target your post based upon gender, relationship status, educational status, interests, age, location, and language.

5. Plan your Facebook Conversational Calender  


Creating a conversational calender with ideas about what your’e going to talk about in the upcoming future will ensure regular contact with fans overall. This calender will help your business create well planned interesting facebook content.

How often do you use Facebook .. Take my poll now !!

Lastly, heres a Youtube clip on creating great Facebook Content…..


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